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Protecting your most valuable assets

GPS tracking solutions delivered globally

Global network

Real-time location

Anti-theft protection

User-friendly App

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What We Offer

Simple, effective and reliable tracking for you

We specialise in high quality GPS tracking devices for all applications in private and commercial use. Our products are successfully installed and used by companies and individuals worldwide.

Why Choose Bluetrack


GPS trackers provide recovery assistance in the event of theft. The authorities can use the real-time location data from the GPS tracker to track and recover the stolen vehicle.


Our devices provide accurate, real-time information on the whereabouts of your vehicles, giving you complete visibility and control over your fleet.


Geofencing alerts you if a vehicle moves outside of a predefined area. This feature can help you recover stolen vehicles quickly and minimize any potential losses.


keep a tab on your child's whereabouts. If your child gets separated from you in a crowded place, you'll be able to locate them quickly and easily.

We make it easy

Shopping for the right GPS Tracker needn’t be a complex task.

We offer a range of subscription based tracking devices that work in real time – providing a complete tracking solution for businesses and individuals looking to know where property is located at any time.

With GPS tracking solutions from Bluetrack – we make personal tracking & business tracking a doddle – simply choose a tracking device to suit your requirements.

We're here to help.


They easily manage what is expected of them, outlasting the expeditions by days. Renewing the subscription was so easy using the top up feature on the website and Support was both quick and friendly.

The recently updated Tracking Panel is so much easier to use and very user friendly, the trackers appear to be much more responsive and accurate. We haven’t encountered any problems when using either Android or Apple devices.

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Oulder Hill Leadership Academy

Personal Tracking

After being recommended Bluetrack trackers by a friend in the Security industry, we fitted them to our vehicles.
On two occasions, we have used the trackers to recover stolen equipment.I can strongly recommend these devices and the excellent support provided by Bluetrack. It really does keep us one step ahead of thieves targeting our business. 10/10!

Hunter & Sons

Asset Tracking


Popular Features

Viewing History

Access data through a selected date range on the calendar. View the routes taken and speeds at different points in the route. 

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