Prime GT 3G GPS Tracker


The New Prime GT GPS tracker is powerful and performs to a very high standard. From previous Prime models, we have carried with them a solid reputation in reliability and top performance for its time.

Key features

  • SOS button located on the front of the device allows the user to alert up to 3 people in case of emergency.
  • 6 tracking modes giving you the opportunity to adjust the Prime GT behavior depending on your needs.
  • Enhanced high performance processor allowing the device to relay and treat the data in the most efficient way.
  • Live tracking you can watch your Prime GT GPS Tracker updating live its position on the tracking panel or on the smartphone App.
  • WiFi ability when GPS is not available, the device will use the different Wi-Fi networks available to send its position.
  • Super sensitive GPS associated to a 3-axis accelerometer in order to give you the most precise location.
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