School trips are a wonderful way for children to explore the world outside of their classrooms, developing social skills and learning about other cultures.

However, there are risks associated with these trips, especially for younger children that tend to wander and be a little more adventurous than other kids. It can be a difficult task for the caregivers to keep a close eye on everyone, so having a school group tracking device in the bags of known at risk children is an absolute must.


Model: Prime AT 2G

Dimensions: L=75mm W=43mm D=27mm

Battery Life: Around 15 days

The New Prime AT Lite GPS tracker is powerful and performs to a very high standard. This 2G GPS Tracker is an ideal tracking solutions for many different applications such as vehicle tracking or asset tracking.


Dimensions: H=67mm W=67mm D=10mm

Battery Life: Around 5 days

The Pocket GPS Tracker was built for those times when you require a tracker to be discreet. Every unit is hand-built and placed together and tested before it's dispatched to the customer.