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Introducing the GT7PRO: The Future-Proof GPS Tracking Device with Revolutionary Technology

Welcome to Bluetrack UK, the UK's leading supplier of cutting-edge GPS tracking devices. Our latest product, the GT7PRO, is designed to future-proof our customers' needs with the latest technology and features.

the new gt pro 70 tracking device from Bluetrack UK demonstrated along side an image of a mobile phone displaying the app used with the product
GTPRO70 Bluetrack UK

One of the biggest challenges for tracking devices is changes in the UK and global networks. However, our new GT7PRO doesn't use 2/3/4G networks, but instead uses new NB-IoT with CAT-M1 performance technology. This guarantees reliable and efficient tracking, no matter where your assets are located.

The GT7PRO is designed with durability and longevity in mind. Each device is guaranteed a minimum of 3 months of battery life on constant use, with the battery life extended when the device is stationary. This makes it perfect for long-term tracking, without the need for constant maintenance.

Unlike other tracking devices, the GT7PRO is designed with magnets, making it easy to attach to any vehicle without the need for hardwiring. With 8 powerful magnets positioned to create a stronger pulling force, you can safely attach the device to the underside of your vehicle, providing peace of mind and security.

One of the key features of the GT7PRO is the ability to store tracking data without access to a network. With up to 3 weeks of tracking information stored on the device, you'll never miss out on important information, even when there's no network signal. The device updates automatically once the signal is restored, ensuring you never lose valuable data.

The GTPRO70 tracking device displayed

At Bluetrack UK, we stand by our products and offer a 3-year warranty with every device. We're confident that our military-grade tracker can withstand even the toughest environments, providing you with reliable tracking no matter what challenges you face.

The GT7PRO from Bluetrack UK is the perfect solution for those looking for reliable and efficient GPS tracking. With its advanced technology, long battery life, and durable design, you can trust the GT7PRO to provide the best possible tracking for your assets.

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