Number Plate Tracker

A brilliant concept and extremely hard to find. The Number Plate GPS Tracker was designed to be covertly fitted into places, either behind the number plates on vehicles or into areas on a vehicle that conventional trackers cannot be used. The Number Plate GPS Tracker is very robust and thin and harsh handling is not a problem. It has been shrink-wrapped to retain its small size, ensuring that it can still be charged via the Type C waterproof charging port.

The Number Plate GPS Tracker has now had some new enhancements. Improving the GSM signal strength was a major change. Placing the antenna between the PCB and the battery, ensured the GSM antenna was not shielded via the metal bumpers of some vehicles. It now includes WIFI/LBS tracking, this now gives further confidence in obtaining a position if the vehicle is parked inside a garage and a valid GPS position is not available.


H=185mm W=64mm D=3mm 3000mAh Approximately 15-20 days

Special Feature

There is a hugely added feature with the new audible sounder. This can be activated via the APP or the software. The purpose is to have the ability to accurately find the Number Plate GPS Tracker within a few centimeters.

4 Extra Modes

Our trackers all now come with 4 extra tracking modes available to all customers if they want to extend their battery life if required.

  • ECO
  • PARK