What we’re all about

Bluetrack is a company specializing in a wide range of GPS trackers that work around the globe.Our range of trackers varies from hard cased trackers with magnets for asset security like cars and machinery, hand held trackers with for personal use, Trackers you wire direct to your car battery or our new Keykip tracker you have on your key ring so you never lose your keys.

Our trackers work of a subscription system of varied months. Ranging from 1 month to 12 months and if you plan to use your tracker in the UK or globally. The longer the subscription the better the value. Our clients range from Formula 1 teams, Logistic companies, international travelers, Farmers and schools.

Features of Our Trackers

– Get real time live updates of where your trackers is anywhere on the globe.

– Set zones and get notified when your trackers goes in or out of that zone.

– Motion Detection so you know if you trackers starts moving. Great for asset security. 

Further Features

– Remotely control your device through the admin panel through the web or our Tactical Tracking app.

– See detailed history of where our tracker has been.

– SOS button to send alerts when pressed in an emergency. Great for elderly or children (Prime Models only)

– Wifi positioning when GPS signal isn’t available (Available on certain trackers)

– Modes to extend battery life and get the most out of your tracker (Available on certain trackers)

Help, Support & FAQ

Get assistance in setting up, using and installing your GPS trackers.

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